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1 of 3 Suicide Bombers In Istanbul Attack Was Reportedly Russian

According to Turkish Dogan News Agency it was revealed by a senior Turkish official that suicide bombers who carried out Tuesday's deadly attack on an international airport in Istanbul were Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz (c)

Putin continues to flood neighbouring countries with terrorists. But he doesn`t simply give some crazy wacky psycho a one way ticket and a bag of TNT. No-no-no... He acts with a real despotical shrewdness! He convinces everybody that this certain person needs protection from Russian repressive KGB machine, and makes foreign authorities give that person a most favored treatment. And when the time comes the loony berserk mole comes out with a bang.
Let`s see how it was done in practice.

Bulgaria will not extradite to Russia a Chechen refugee Akhmed Chatayev who is accused of terrorism by FSB (former KGB). A refugee status was acquired by Chataev in Austria in 2003. - Radio Freedom
Chechen refugee Akhmed Chatayev was arrested by Georgian police for terrorism. But he was released later because the testimony against him was recognised as a fraud. - Radio Freedom
The attack on Istanbul airport was planned and executed by Russian citizen Akhmed Chatayev who joined DAESH in 2013. - Medusa News Agency

The same way of planting terrorists into the heart of The Most Democratic Country was used when Tsarnayev brothers were repressed in Russia for their political and religious beliefs. America couldn`t tolerate the sufferings of those victims of Putin`s regime and accepted them as refugees, not knowing that they were planning a deadly coming out in Boston in 2013.

Nobody can be trusted these days... Even those who seem to flee from Putin`s Russia in fact may still be woking for the despiced dictator.

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